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BeautyMix – the home cosmetics lab

BeautyMix – what is it?

BeautyMix is the first complete solution that gives you control of your beauty – no marketing claims, no complicated formula, we only care for the essential: YOU


BeautyMix is:

  • A mobile app to help you understand what your skin/hair really needs, and customize the recipes crafted by our expert,
  • Natural high quality cosmetic ingredients,
  • A compact connected appliance which creates your products automatically at home
What is BeautyMix

3 easy steps to make your own customized beauty products at home

With BeautyMix, everyone can make their own cosmetics at home, from natural ingredients. No expertise required, it is super easy and fun: select the product you want to make, the quantity you need, customize the scent and texture, and press start. Our connected appliance does everything for you. In minutes, your creation is ready to use!

The range of products that can be made with BeautyMix is unlimited, from moisturizer to lipstick to shampoo. Each product can be completely customized to meet your specific needs. So let your imagination run free (with the help of our beginner tips)!

And for those who wonder where and how to find the ingredients necessary for the preparation of their products, we will also provide high quality ingredients, carefully selected for their quality and efficiency. Just browse your BeautyMix app or e-shop, we will deliver directly to your home.

Why would I make my own beauty products?


No powerful preservatives, no allergens, no silicon, sulfates, parabens… only quality natural products chosen by you, for you! Try it, your skin will love it (word from a super sensitive skin person ;-))


With BeautyMix you only pay for the active ingredients – which are a fraction of the cost of off-the-shelf products. Stop paying for water, for packaging, for marketing campaigns, and get what you deserve!


You decide what you make: is there a more transparent solution? You can customize your products to your taste and your needs, and you make the quantity that you need. Forget the 10s unfinished products laying around in your bathroom, change products every day if you wish, without wasting any!

BeautyMix – when can I start using it?

We are doing everything we can to have the ideal Christmas gift ready by the end of the year!
Until then, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to follow our adventure and support our project.

Who we are

BeautyByMe is a young family start-up founded by Nelly and her brother Mathieu. Their goal: to create new paths to beauty. More direct, more transparent, more eco-responsible paths.

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