An all-natural toothpaste with a nice fresh taste

Préparation: 20min - Medium
Conservation: 90 days

The Recipe

Try this all natural toothpaste, with a nice fresh taste. The peppermint water gives a nice fresh taste to your product. Glycerin is used to naturally sweeten the taste. Calcium carbonate is the mechanical agent that cleanses your teeth with the help of your toothbrush, and clay is used as a purifier.

Before you start

Before you start, you will need to disinfect thoroughly your tabletop, utensils and BeautyMix: this will ensure your homemade cosmetic products are safe and sterile!

Clean your  BeautyMix. The jug is dishwasher safe ! Other option: start the purple program with 200 mL water. Then wipe the jug, utensils and tabletop with 70° proof alcohol. Let them dry. Wash your hands thoroughly.

Use a clean paper towel to lay down your utensils. You will need a clean spoon and a clean and dry container to pour your preparation in. 


Use 3 times a day. Keeps for 3 months at ambient temperature

IngrEdients FOR mL


Disinfect thoroughly your BeautyMix with 70° alcohol
Use the flat mixer. Put the BeautyMix cup on the scales and press T to zero.
Weigh the required glucerin and gelifier.
Disperse the gelifier in the glycerin using a spoon or spatula
Weigh the floral water, foam, preservative, pressing T between each ingredient
Put the BeautyMix cup back on its base and start the blue program. This will ensure the gelifier is well homogenised
Place the cup back on the scales and weigh the clay and calcium carbonate
Stir in the powders using a spatula or spoon. Transfer to a clean container with a pump.